"From the moment you receive your cover image, making your book colours, style, and imagery memorable is key in getting your book into as many hands as possible."

REELS! They're the 'in thing' right now and they can be an awesome tool to market your book. They get your book in front of a much larger audience for a longer period of time and they allow you to communicate the vibe and purpose of your book, and your personality in a clear, engaging, authentic way. Take a look at some of the Reels I've created...


I'm excited to expand my book-related services and add editing book cover design to the list of ways I can support you in the book branding and launching process.

I bring almost 10 years experience teaching high school English (which equals a LOT of hours of proofreading, editing, and supporting writers to bring out their best work); as well as a dual Bachelor of Education and Arts, majoring in English, French, and Humanities. 

Being a writer myself, an international best-selling author with firsthand experience of multi-author publications, an avid reader and lover of books, and with expertise in book branding and marketing, I am well-positioned to provide you with all the support you need during the editing process. 

Branching out into book cover design feels like a natural progression from my marketing design services, and having had a number of enquiries and requests, I'm officially adding it to my offers.

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Here's a quick intro to what I can offer when I 'Brand Your Book'...

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Keep reading to take a look at some of the graphics, videos, and templates I've created for other books!

I can put together a comprehensive launch strategy guide to make launching your book simple and powerful. My launch guide includes a posting schedule, with content prompts, for the weeks leading up to and including launch day, Canva graphics template links, general launch and social media tips, and other resources.

This is a great resource for solo authors feeling the overwhelm of getting ready for launch day. It's also a fantastic support for publishers to supply in their multi-author packages to empower all authors to get active in marketing their launch.

A ready-to-use collection of Canva graphics or templates keeps your book on brand, maintains the high quality and professionalism of your book and brand, makes it easy for you to consistently post in the lead up to launch day, and, in the case of a multi-author book, allows for simple, cohesive cross-promotion between authors.

Marketing your book effectively is essential to attaining that best-seller badge, and developing a brand for your book takes that to a whole new level, creating a vibe your audience will resonate with and remember.

Social Media Stories are a powerful way to get your book promo in front of your audience. With an often greater audience reach, and the ability to interact via stickers, Stories are a must-have element in your book marketing strategy. 

I can create a ready-to-use collection of Story graphics or templates personalised for you and your book, which makes it super simple for you to keep your book front and centre with your audience.

Check out some of the graphics and templates I've created for recent launches...

Writing a book isn't just about writing a book, it's also about selling it; selling it so you can share your story, your voice, your message, with the world.

That's where I come in...

It's not called a best-SELLING book for nothing!

The more consistent your book branding and marketing, the more your potential readers see and connect with you and your writing, and the more they are primed to buy your book.

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