A database of businesses created by freedom-minded education staff, who stood strong against the mandates and sought to build alternative ways to earn an income and support the creation of parallel economies.

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*This is another example of how Airtable can be used to create systems and organisation for businesses, solopreneurs, community groups, and more! Need something similar (or totally different!) to help you manage your back office? Head over to my Systems & Branding page to learn more.


Kate Lesslie - Unschooling & Human Design Coach

Home Education meets Human Design - benefit from Kate's years of experience and unique skillset to create a life of freedom and choice for your family.

My Essential Alchemy 

"There are too many people
counting calories
and not enough people
counting chemicals"

Amanda Sugden, Owner.

Kelly Flack

Helping people navigate their physical and spiritual journey with understanding, ease and energy.

Reiki, Tai-Chi, Meditation, Energy Healing, crystal classes, and more.

KM Uniquely Adorned

Quality, made-by-hand earrings and accessories.

Support an incredible, local business and purchase these gorgeous earrings.


Click the names below to check them out for yourself!

MailerLite My go-to platform for a budget-friendly, one-stop-shop for email list building, websites, landing pages, and forms.

AirTable - My favourite organisational tool! I use this for everything from content planning, expense tracking, project management, to team organisation, and so much more!

Canva - Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.

InShot - InShot is a handy little phone app that allows you to create and edit videos directly on your phone, with lots of fun features and an easy-to-use interface.

NameCheapNeed a domain and email for your business? I love NameCheap! Easy to use and competitively priced, click the name to check it out.

YNAB - my favourite budgeting app, I promise it's not your usual budgeting tool!

Zipmex - An Aussie created Crypto platform. This is my favourite wallet! "No complicated charts, no fancy terms. Just buy, trade, and get rewards. Who said crypto had to be complicated?"

Koinly - A Crypto tax software for Australia and New Zealand that provides a simple way to keep track of, calculate, and minimise cryptocurrency taxes.

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