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“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. 

There is no life without water.” 

― Albert Szent-Gyorgyi



Just after Audrey's first birthday in 2018, I returned to teaching full time and she headed off to daycare. We thought it was going to be a great place for her, but our experience there, and subsequent experiences, set me on a path of desperately searching for ways to work from home.

Audrey was always sick because her system was so stressed and compromised, and I was constantly sick because I was exhausted from teaching full time at a new school, dealing with an allergy baby whose tummy pain and itching kept her awake half the night, learning new allergy-friendly recipes so I could send safe food to daycare, searching for a better daycare option, doctor appointments, and all the general things that go with getting your head around returning to work as a first time mum. 

And let’s not even get started on the mum guilt!

I started getting debilitating tension headaches that resulted in morphine drips and an MRI.

Audrey's eczema got so bad that she would scratch herself in her sleep until she bled.

Pete and I used up all our sick leave, so any time off we had was unpaid.

To say it was a stressful time would be an understatement.

I was searching desperately for something that would allow me to be home more and take her out of daycare completely.

I looked into, and tried, some of the popular NWM options, because I loved the products, but the amount of time I needed to dedicate to create even just a small amount of extra income just wasn't worth it! Not to mention most of it went back into buying the products every month to be eligible to earn commissions.

I tried Airtasker, proofreading jobs, surveys, selling my crochet... I probably Googled "ways for mums to make $$$ online" a thousand times, but nothing was ever quite what I was looking for, and nothing was ever more than just a side-hustle option. I felt incredibly sad, desperate, stressed, and trapped.

I didn’t want my daughter to suffer, be apart from me, just because I had to be at work.

I didn't want to spend all my time and energy on work and have nothing left over for my family.

I didn't want to trade time for money, or sacrifice a decent pay to be home.

Now, after birthing Harvey in 2019, another period of maternity leave, building my business, teaching part time, and now homeschooling full time in 2022, I feel more passion, purpose, and certainty than I have in a long time. I'm excited for the future, for what I'm creating, and I'm incredibly grateful for what this machine has done for our family's wellbeing. Two years on, Audrey's still eczema free!

So while I wish I could take back every moment of pain, suffering, sadness, and stress that Audrey (and our family) endured, I'm also thankful for the lessons we learned, for the changes we made, and for the opportunity that it opened me up to. 

Enagic is a fantastic company with a long history of helping people upgrade their health and wealth, and with the incredibly high quality support and training from The Freedom Era Academy, I've not only created a new way of earning an income for my family, but I've also undergone huge personal growth. I'll forever be grateful for what saying 'yes' to this business opportunity brought into our lives!

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The benefits of choosing conscious, living water...

For over four decades, Enagic International has been a pioneer and the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionisers and water filtration machines in the world. By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship Enagic's Kangen Water® systems enhance nature's most vital life source, water, around the world.

Enagic's passion is to transform the tap water in your home into pure, healthy, electrolysed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water, full of free radical scavengers and antioxidants to nourish your body.

Kangen machines also help the planet by reducing plastic waste, chemicals in your home, on your body, and in waterways and the ocean.

Save thousands in your lifetime by replacing harmful cleaners and chemicals with non-toxic acidic and alkalised waters from Enagic machines.

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Building a conscious, automated, legacy income with Enagic...

Enagic is a family that supports one another to achieve universal success. Our business opportunity has sometimes been referred to as "personal growth with a compensation plan," because we want our team to grow financially and as individuals.

As a result of this philosophy, our global Distributors are able to achieve financial freedom and realise their dreams while promoting a product they believe in and truly love.

They fall in love with our products, and they spread the word about the positive changes Kangen Water has brought into their lives and finances.

Registering as a Distributor when you purchase your Enagic machine gives you lifetime rights to distribute Enagic products. Enagic is registered with the Direct Sales Association USA, and has a patented compensation plan presenting a unique business opportunity.

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Enagic's philosophy is based on three true health principles:


Realising true physical health through pure and healthy drinking water.


Realising true financial health through a wealth-developing business opportunity.


Realising true mental and metaphysical health through personal growth, and finding contentment in all aspects of life. Our purpose is to spread these truths through healthy drinking water, an exciting business, and personal growth.

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