Our goal is to create a new economy outside of the current financial ecosystem.

A new economy built FOR the people, BY the people.

A reciprocal economy built on the principals of conscious community, abundance, sovereignty, and freedom of choice.

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“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

He who understands it, earns it, he who doesn’t, pays it.”

What drew me to become part of the TPR reciprocal economy?

- Choice - Freedom - Conscious Community - Compounding -

With everything going on in the world, we need ways to connect and thrive that are outside the mainstream, through establishing communities of creative thinkers and those prepared to challenge the system. We need alternative options to source produce, products, and services. And we need a haven for our money to grow that is outside manipulation and government control.

It's been over two years since I first dived into the world of TPR as an early adopter. I saw the vision, I understood the value, and I felt the determination, passion, and conviction of all those working to launch TPR to the world. 

Two years on and my own passion and conviction for what this innovative currency offers has increased exponentially, along with the community and what TPR can offer. I've watched my wallet grow substantially, and seen TPR evolve into so much more than I imagined, and I'm proud to be a founding member. I'm also incredibly grateful for what TPR has done and continues to do to provide opportunities for more freedom and choice for so many people! 

What started as a crypto-currency that saw all the deficiencies of traditional crypto and sought to do better, has evolved into a way for people to reclaim their inherent sovereignty and connect with other freedom conscious souls to form a tribe of innovators and change-makers.

Take a look at the video below for a quick overview of what TPR is, and keep reading for exciting updates on the progress of TPR!

Disclaimer: The purchase of digital currency, including The People's Reserve, comes with risk. Just as there are no guarantees in life, The People's Reserve comes without promise or guarantee of profit, ROI, or liquidity. There is a full team in place determined to help TPR reach its full potential.

- T P R   U P D A T E S -

7th JUNE 2022

The purpose or use-case of The People's Reserve Coin is as a currency. So the purchase of items is essential to its value/purpose/use-case.

We are so very fortunate that so many resources are coming to us, especially for food, as it is the #1 foundational purchase in a New Economy.


- We have added to our Cooking & Food Prep Team.

- We have a large supply now of frozen Gluten-Free, Vegan Lasagna and Gluten-Free, Spaghetti Bolognese, as well as Kombucha (in a variety of flavours).

- We are expanding the list of people to be receiving TPR food-delivery (starting from Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay, but expanding now as far as Melbourne).

- We are about to add the following food items: veggie boxes, strawberries, limes, Avocado Brownies, Protein Pancakes, Banana Loaf, Natural Soda drinks.

- We have numerous Farmers and new people joining the team to help us add more food items, build modulars, cook and refer new strategic partners.


- The Good Place is about to increase limits at each cafe outlet, so more food available for TPR.

- We have decided on a full food-production facility in Brisbane. There is preparation to do, but we look to be fully operating there within 3 weeks, offering expanded capacity for bulk food preparation

- We see The Good Place as the perfect model, and hope to expand to additional restaurants and cafes.


Rice Straw testing for Portable Domes has started.

- We are sourcing best options for power and fuel for TPR.

- Our first supplies of Timber have started to arrive. We are sourcing now a burner for the Kilns (to dry the timber) we have purchased already, and we have the location for timber and Kilns sorted.

- Our exchanges are SO close to launch. We're testing some tech integration and finalising the 'look' of the exchange design and interface

- Freedom movement influencers from Israel will start to purchase once the exchange is finalised, which opens up further liquidity. New Zealand is also at-the-ready for this.

- As our world changes, as it constricts further, all the more important that we have built our own full eco-system and we want to be careful. An important piece is seeing the recent crypto crash. Many people have commented on how this may have been all manipulated "by them" and so all the more reason that we do actually have our own exchange. It is essential, and very powerful to be as independent and autonomous as possible right now.

The Energy is high! Our Momentum continues to build!

*Update paraphrased from recent update by TPR founder, Shaune Clarke.