Thanks for being an Admin! Thanks for giving your time to help grow this group and nurture it into a village! This page contains Admin-only content, such as our quick submit form to add new events to the calendar, and instructions on sharing the group. For the Events calendar, RSVP form, general group details, and other key information, check out the Members Area.


01. You can use the following link to send anyone interested in joining the group, or to share within other local groups you think might be interested.

This link is to the public Wild + Free Toowoomba page, which includes the application form. So if they resonate with what our group is about, they can submit the application form directly from the webpage and begin the automated process.

This is the only link you need to send, as it includes everything anyone wanting to learn more, or join the group, needs to know or access.

02. Once they've submitted their application form, automation is set up to send out an email with further details about the group and the link for them to sign the official Wild + Free digital waiver form.

03. We need to keep an eye on the Waiver section to see when they sign the waiver. I don't think they send us a notification.

When the waiver has been submitted, one of us, the Admins, will need to update their status in AirTable Members' Contact Details. Both the 'Group Status' and 'Waiver Completion Status' fields must be updated to "Current Member" and "Completed" respectively.

04. Once their status has been updated in AirTable to show they are an approved member, they'll receive the 2nd automated email with the Members Area link and password, along with other information, and they'll be able to fully participate in the group. 

05. Once approved, one of us who is connected with the new member via Facebook, can add them to the Messenger MEMBERS chat group and write a short welcome message (example script below). 

*As Admins, we can remind applicants about any of these steps that are incomplete along the way (particularly the waiver) and support them through the process.

*Please also actively encourage all members to regularly check the calendar and use the RSVP form, as it cuts down so much manual work for us and also encourages members to stay active within the group.


*This is an example only, you are welcome to copy it, or adapt it to fit your personal style.

Welcome [NAME]! 

We're so excited to have you and your wild and free kiddos in the group!

We mostly use this Messenger chat for reminders, Admin questions, and general group support.

You should've received an email from the Admins with the Members Area webpage link and password, so check your Junk Mail if you haven't seen it, and reach out to one of the Admins if you have any issues or questions.

The Members Area has everything you need, including our Events calendar, the Events RSVP form, a space to make suggestions for events and activities, and lots of other info, so head over there and check it out!

We encourage all members to cultivate the habit of regularly checking (or subscribing to) the calendar and using the Events RSVP form, as it helps us keep the group organised without taking lots of our time, and it encourages members to be active and involved.

Please reach out if you have any questions, and we can't wait to see you at an event soon! 

*Want to add this form as an 'App' on your phone Home Screen? Instructions for how to do this are in the Members Area. You can save both the above Admin form to add an Event to the calendar, and the RSVP form in the Members Area. 

For this Admin-only form, use this link:


I've set up a modified version of both our Events calendar and our RSVP form, that we can share with non-members. 

You'll see in AirTable that I've added a field that allows us to tick a box that says the event is open to non-members. This is particularly for events where we need to reach a minimum number of participants and need to open it up to people outside of the group. If that box is ticked, the event will show up in both the Non-member Calendar and RSVP form (links below).

This allows them to view events and event details for activities where non-members can participate, without having access to all the other events and details. If you'd like to invite anyone along to one of our events who isn't a W+F Toowoomba member, or one of our members asks if it's ok to invite a non-member friend, please use or share these links only.

*Also note that if you share only the calendar link, the RSVP form link is included in the event details, so if you prefer to only send one link, share the calendar link.

*If this person continues to be interested in coming along to our events, please encourage them to submit an application via the public webpage (this is also stated on the Non-member RSVP form).

Non-member Calendar Link

Non-member Event RSVP Form

*If a non-member needs to change their RSVP. They can contact an Admin to do it manually, or they can use the 'Update RSVP' form link included in the Calendar event details. This is the link in case you ever need to send it to anyone: