"Our desire is to give our children a quality education, but also to preserve the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood."

This group is for Toowoomba homeschooling mums who align with the "Wild + Free" philosophy. If you're new to Wild + Free, please check out the website and book, The Call of the Wild + Free, using the links below.

If you're interested in joining our local group, keep reading for further details. If you're outside the Toowoomba, Queensland area, head to the Wild + Free website (link below) to search for groups in your local area or apply to start your own.

Keen to join us?

We've created this group because we love the Wild + Free philosophy. We love that it promotes open-minded, inclusive values, a love of nature, and an adventurous spirit; and we have a vision to build on the community Wild + Free has already created, by finding our own tribe of awake, community conscious, homeschooling families in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas.

We aim to foster a sense of village and reciprocal community that is sadly lacking in our society today. We can share not only homeschooling experiences, but also swap home grown produce, 'services' we can provide each other, plants and seeds, share meals and bulk cooking, support, a close tribe where mums feel connected and heard, a space for mums and kids to learn and grow, and even get to a place where we can offer each other childminding options to give each other a break when needed. In these crazy times, we believe rebuilding the village and forming a tribe we can rely on is essential.

Have you read The Call of the Wild + Free? Do you align with the philosophy? Do you live in, or frequently visit the Toowoomba area? Are you a homeschooling mum who hasn't quite found her tribe yet? Do you value organic learning, nature-based activities, building a sisterhood of fellow mummas who truly get where you're at, and finding like-minded wildlings for your children to learn, play, and build lasting friendships with? Do you resonate with our aim to build a village?

Join our local group for homeschooling, community conscious, awake mums! 

Click the button below to complete the form and watch your inbox for an email from us to complete the application (double check your Junk mail).

*Note: You don't need to have read the book to join! And, while we don't expect our members to attend activities all the time, we are building a connected, active tribe who support each other, so it's important to us that we get to know our members and they get to know us, either through coming along to activities when you can, or joining in our group chat.

At this time, we are only accepting families who have already begun homeschooling with at least one school aged child. If you're considering homeschooling with younger children and would like to meet us or come along for a chat, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to connect with you.

We may not all homeschool the same way, but we're in this together!

"Hundreds of groups from all over the world have come together under the banner of Wild + Free for gatherings, such as: Mum's nights out, Nature outings, Play groups, Book clubs, Field trips, and Meet-ups.

    Wild + Free groups are for homeschoolers, nature lovers, and those who have simply resonated with this community and want to know more. No matter what approach you take - we're all in this together.

    This beautiful homeschool community is meant to be a welcoming place for all. No curriculum, race, philosophy, or religious affiliation should get in the way because we have so much to learn from each other. We want every group to be open to all mummas who desire to give their children a quality education, while also preserving the adventure and wonder of childhood."

    This group would not be possible without our incredible Admins! 

    As always, a huge thank you to the beautiful mummas who generously share their time. 

    If you're an Admin, you can access our Admin page here.

    Mumma, welcome! Welcome to our Wild + Free Toowoomba group, we're so blessed that you and your kiddos have chosen to join us.

    Access our Members' Area here for all the info, updates, links, and our events calendar.

    Contact us

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